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2018 RCR Superlite SL-C


(The Superlite SL-C was designed and engineered by a small group of dedicated engineers, designers and craftsmen to exemplify their vision of what the perfect Supercar should be.)
● Color: GT Bright Red
● Engine: Mast Motorsports “Black Label” All aluminum LS7 with Dailey 3 stage dry sump oil system and Aerospeed custom headers
● Transmission: Ricardo 6-speed manual transaxle
● Suspension: Billet Machined 4 wheel independent suspension from RCR with Penske triple adjustable coilover shocks with track springs and external reservoirs
● Power: 650 hp with 570 lb/ft of torque
● 0-60 mph: 2.8 sec
● Top Speed: 254 mph
● Curb Weight: 2,600 lbs.
● Brakes: Wilwood billet racing 6 piston calipers and race rotors
● Wheels: CCW race wheels 18×11 front / 18×13 rear
● Interior: Full race cage with race seats, Schroth Racing 6 point harnesses, and OMP D Shape steering wheel
● Electronics: Race Logic traction control and Digidash electronic dashboard with data logging and GPS
● Genesis racing 4 post air jack system
● Safecraft fire suppression system

Fun Fact: Superlite SL-C went racing and set lap records at every track visited on the way to winning the NASA Super Unlimited class National Championship. The car dominated at the National Championships, capturing pole position for every race, winning both qualifying races, and almost lapping the entire class in the final National Championship race. The best part is this performance vehicle is street driven!