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2019 Ferrari 812 Superfast


(The 812 Superfast is the most powerful and fastest road-going Ferrari ever.)
● Color: Nero DS1250
● Engine: 6.5L (396ci) Naturally Aspirated V12
● Transmission: 7 speed dual clutch transmission
● Suspension: Magnaride SCM-E adaptive suspension (magnetorheological suspension control with dual coil system)
● Power: 789 hp @ 8500 rpm with 530 lb/ft of torque
● 0-60 mph: 2.8 sec
● Top Speed: 211 mph
● Curb Weight: 3,600 lbs.
● Brakes: Brembo Extreme Design Carbon-Ceramic Brakes (15.7in front, 14.2in rear)
● Wheels: 275/35 ZR 20 front / 315/35 ZR 20 rear
● Interior: Leather/alcantara Nero with red contrast stitching and carbon fiber accents
● Carbon fiber steering wheel with tachometer LED display
● Passenger Display with Engine RPMs, Speed, Engaged Gear, Navigation, and Trip Computer
● 4-wheel steering
● Active aerodynamics

Fun Fact: This very well might be the last naturally aspirated V12 engine produced by Ferrari. Enzo Ferrari is quoted to have said, “I don’t sell cars, I sell engines and throw in the car for free.”