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2020 McLaren 600LT Spider

600LT Spider

(The 600LT is based on the 570S and is the third McLaren production car to receive the longtail “LT” treatment. Inspired by the 675LT and the F1 GTR Longtail, the body of the car has been extended by 2.9 inches. The car also features enhanced aerodynamic elements such as an extended front splitter and rear diffuser, new side sills, and an aero-enhancing fixed rear wing for increased downforce.)

● Color: MSO Helios Orange
● Engine: 3.8 L Twin-Turbo V8
● Transmission: Seven-speed McLaren dual clutch SSG Gearbox
● Suspension: Double Wishbone with Adaptive Dampers
● Power: 592 hp, 457 lb/ft torque
● 0-60 mph: 2.8 sec
● Top Speed: 201 mph
● Curb Weight: 3,095 lbs.
● Brakes: Carbon-Ceramic
● Interior: Nappa Sport Black Alcantara
● Interior Carbon Fiber and Luxury Upgrade Pack
● MSO Defined Carbon Fiber Louvres

Fun Fact: The top-mounted exhaust on the 600LT helps reduce exhaust back pressure and shaves about 28 pounds off of the car’s weight compared to the 570S. It also allows for 220 additional pounds of downforce at high speeds as it doesn’t interfere with the rear diffusor’s design (in combination with its extended length). An added benefit: it sounds better. With the exhaust right behind the driver’s head, more of the noise makes its way to their ears.